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We are often asked what makes us different or better than other photographers. We’ll start with the “clichés” used by most professionals . . . things like we are passionate about what we do…we have top-notch equipment…we care about the quality of our work...and an eye for composition – all of which is true. That leads to great work, but there is something else we have that truly sets us apart – and results in not only great photography, but a great photography experience. Simply put, we combine excellent people skills with an innovative perspective to our work.

People skills are not only important in getting to the right photo vantage point at the right time – often a critical element for great photography – but people skills are essential in delivering an enjoyable experience to clients. After all, wouldn’t you rather work with nice people? We also bring an innovative perspective to every assignment, at times taking photographs of somewhat ordinary subject matter, but done in an extraordinary way. This brings life to our images and smiles to our clients’ faces.

There are five categories of photography that we focus on:

We take the time to carefully plan out each project, paying close attention to even the smallest details so that we can deliver the best results possible. We can help set your company or brand apart by creating images that establish and forever convey an impression of quality and value.

What the eye sees and what the camera captures can be very different. When all elements of light, contrast, color, composition, focus, depth of field and timing work in near perfect harmony, magic is created. If the interaction of these elements is not properly orchestrated and precisely captured, what was beautiful to your eye becomes a lifeless photograph.

When it’s a posed image you want, we work with you to get the right light, angle, props and area of focus to have the shot communicate a specific emotion. When it’s spontaneity that you want, we ask what personality traits that, if captured, brings the subject’s personality to life.

The internet has become an increasingly important part of real estate marketing today. With our eye for marketing and focus on quality we're able to develop a collection of photos that turn your home into a work of art. Whether your home is occupied or vacant, we have the expertise to capture your home in its best light. We provide a minimum of twelve photos that reveal the best angles of your home, providing viewers a taste of what your home has to offer. Our real estate photography packages are cost-effective and make you and your listing stand out. We work with real estate agents, builders, golf communities or sellers looking to showcase their home.

The key to exceptional sports photography is having the right equipment, a sense for unpredictable moments, quick shutter reflexes and an ability to capture facial expressions. The face conveys emotion. That emotion can make or break a shot. Shots that lack emotion lack life.


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